About Allan Daniels

Allan Daniels Michigan Real Estate Investing and LendingDr. Daniels and Son is one of the largest purchasers of Land Contracts in Michigan. The Daniels family has purchased Land Contracts and private (seller-held) notes and mortgages for three generations. Allan Daniels has been Licensed in Michigan Real Estate since 1988 and specializes in offering CASH 4 Land Contracts on all types of property. Allan is the oldest son of Dr. Loren S. Daniels, whose father began buying Land Contracts in the 1930’s.

We offer a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss any aspect of your Land Contract or to investigate the option of selling your Land Contract for CASH.

We strive to assist everyone that calls us with a goal to create a comfortable, win-win situation. We have outstanding credentials and references, and as a family business, we do not compromise integrity.

Allan Daniels - Daniels and Son Michigan


  • Allan is thorough, intelligent and detail-oriented with a substantial amount of experience and expertise. He sets the bar quite high and reaches it.

    Tom Forster, Real Estate Attorney Honigman Miller
  • I knew I could always look to Allan because of his vast knowledge... He was tremendously helpful to me when I chaired the Senate Banking committee. He was the one person I depended on the most.

    Valde Garcia, Senator Michigan
  • I have had the pleasure of working directly with Allan Daniels and found him to be a trustworthy and results-oriented professional. I highly recommend Allan as a “Best in Class” real estate professional who will find creative solutions to your property transactions.

    Daniel LeTarte, Customer
  • It was truly a pleasure to have met Allan Daniels. My husband and I felt he was our Guardian Angel. He provided us with excellent advice and saved us money and time. He worked very hard to make a difficult situation become our dream. His honesty and kindness showed at all times.

    C. and J. Jackson, Customer
  • In working with Allan, it is easy to see that he is an expert in his field. His style is open and friendly, making him a pleasure to conduct business with. He is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend him.

    Mike Profant, President Business Network Team
  • Allan is very respected in the mortgage business and has a long history of service to it. He is a person of high integrity and intellect.

    Mark Rabidoux, Esq., CMB, Owner Mark K. Rabidoux, PLC
  • I have worked with Allan on the Michigan Mortgage Broker Associations, board of directors. Allan is an intelligent skilled negotiator, working with government legislators and other mortgage executives. He is a hardworking concerned advocate for the mortgage brokers and consumers.

    Mike Loszewski, Sales Manager Pure Visibility

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